That moment where you were “Queen Bee’d”


Liz Hand, CFP®
Women’s Impact, Inc. member since 2013

You’ve been there. You remember what it felt like when your heart dropped.

It’s that moment where you were “Queen Bee’d” and put in your place as to not disrupt the career momentum another woman had created for herself.

You are silenced. Stalled. Embarrassed.

She was amplified. Accelerated. Pleased.

The ironic thing is that competition is only one way to approach the world.

A competitive “Queen Bee” move is one that approaches the world with “only one can win.” It dares to assert that the impact we can have with this one wild & precious life can actually be contained by that notion.

The truth is your impact cannot be contained.

The truth is that there is no such thing as competition when it comes to your impact.

No two of us are alike. The table continues to expand with seats for us all.

There is room for each of us to take the resources we have – our skillsets, our networks, our time, and energy – to invest in each other so that we all, collectively get the return on life we’ve always desired. One that we build goodness in the world.

Women’s Impact, Inc. is a tribe of women that band together to create this return on life. Not only do we have a passion for personal development but also collective development. We intentionally shed the notion of competition in order to see professional women in the Stark County Region thrive.

Furthermore, we recognize and are proud that the women in our tribe have a tremendous impact. Our members’ voices are instrumental in the decisions being made in our local government, businesses, schools, and non-profits.

So, we are compelled with every event we create (whether casual or formal), that the connections we build, the authentic conversations we curate, that genuine camaraderie we foster are in service of the impact that each of our tribe envisions for her one wild & precious life.

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