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The impact of Women’s Impact, Inc. is evident wherever its members live and work. A 2020 survey of members shows that more than 150 nonprofits in Stark County routinely benefit from the leadership and financial support of Women’s Impact, Inc. members.

More than 62 percent of the organization’s 164 members responded to the 2020 survey that asked about leadership and financial engagement with nonprofits and businesses at local, regional, and national/international levels.


In the past two years, 87 percent of the respondents served on nonprofit boards, donated/contributed, played on-going volunteer roles, or provided support through membership to our community’s nonprofits. Of those, 75 percent engaged at that level with more than one organization.

Sixty-five percent of total respondents have served on regional, national, or international boards and 70 percent of respondents said that they have been on the ground floor or involved with the formation of nonprofit entities that continue to be viable in some form today. Additionally, 68 percent of respondents have helped to form for-profit entities.

Nearly three-quarters of the respondents currently serve or have served in C-suite level positions, leading a diverse range of businesses from financial institutions to manufacturing; hospitals and healthcare providers to fine arts organizations; fitness facilities to communications firms.

The members of Women’s Impact, Inc. are business leaders and community trustees who touch every corner of the communities where they live and work. Their generous spirit and gifts of time and treasure ensure that the impact of Impact multiplies exponentially each time a member fulfills the organization’s mission to help women unleash their power and realize their potential.

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