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Founder Members and Legacy Level Investors have demonstrated a founder’s spirit and unwavering belief in the mission of Women’s Impact, Inc. to help women unleash power and realize potential by supporting the organization through a long-term membership commitment.

Thank You Legacy and Founder Members

Brenda Basso
Karen Brenneman
Elizabeth A. Burick
Andrea Capuano
Katherine Catazaro-Perry
Barbara Ewing Cockroft
Jolene Colant
Ann Conkle
Michelle Cordova
Janet Weir Creighton
Becky Crowl
Gayle DiPietro
Lynne Dragomier
Betsy Engels
Kay Feagles
Melissa Fogel
Barb Fordyce
Barbara Frustaci
Holly Gerzina
Sue Grabowski
Kari Groh
Lisa Grubbs
Mary Jo Harroff
Maria Heege
Shannon English Hexamer

Para Jones
Lorraine Kessler
Rebecca Kuzma
Theresa Lattanzi
Vi Leggett
Kaleen Wheat Lemon
Paula Mastroianni
Summer Montabone
Amanda Montgomery
Kristen Moore
Sarah Morris
Nancy Mueller
Deborah Okey
Jean Paddock
Gloria Pope
Renee Powell
DeLores Pressley
Sue Ramsey
Carol Risaliti
Joyce Rodek
Kandy Sartori
Sara Stucky Sayner
Kristina Schnepf
Barb Schweier
Shelley Schweitzer
Denise Seachrist
Susan Shearer
Vicky Sterling
Lisa Waite

Founding Member

= Legacy Members

Founder and Legacy Membership Info

For information about becoming a Founder or Legacy member, or for information about other membership packages, contact womensimpactinc@gmail.com or visit the “About Membership” page.

Founders Emeriti

Laura Baloun
Dianne Blocker Braun
Dawn Campanelli
Trina Cutter
Jackie DeGarmo
Gayle DiPietro
Denise Downard
Amanda Espenschied- Reilly
Mary-Margaret Evans
Michele Evans
Joanne Fritsche
Denise Gotchall
Merle Griff
Eileen Ivan
Christine Klecic
Leah Klusch
Joni Locke

Barb Mucci
Adrienne O’Neill
Donna Paola
Melissa Pearce
Denise Penz
Cheryl Rice
Norma Rist
Kristina Schnepf
Wendy Tracy
Mary Beth Ulm
Tena Wilson
Barbara Yingling

We remember with gratitude Judith E. Barnes Lancaster, Esq., founding Legacy member who died in December 2021.

Founders Emeriti have supported the organization at the Founder level in the past; their membership status is currently inactive.

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