Ashland University Retired Women’s Basketball Coach Sue Ramsey talks with Women’s Impact, Inc. Board member Dawn Campanelli at Celebrating Mentorship Event.

Learn and Grow through a
One-2-One Mentoring Relationship

Fostering the professional development of a women at every career stage and in civic purpose is the goal of the Women’s Impact, Inc. One-2-One Mentoring program. A mutually beneficial relationship enriches both mentor and mentee via one-to-one learning and growth opportunities that are tailored to individual needs. Through an application process, mentors and mentees are matched based on a variety of criteria. Mentors and mentees schedule sessions at their convenience, generally once a month October to June. The One-2-One Mentorship Program is open to members only.



Applications are being accepted through Oct. 23 for the One-2-One Mentoring Program. Scan and return the form to or mail to Women’s Impact, Inc., PO Box 35152, Canton, OH 44735-5152.