Kalee Boyd

Account Executive

Spectrum Reach

9100 South Hills Blvd #250

Broadview Heights, OH 44147

Business: 440.596.3064
Email: kalee.boyd@charter.com
Cell: 330.493.0700
Executive Board Member

Jolene Colant

Director of Marketing

Hall, Kistler and Company LLP
220 Market Ave S, Suite 700
Canton, OH 44720

Business: 330-453-7633 ext. 115
Fax: 330-453-9366
Email: Jolene@hallkistler.com
Cell: 330-284-9646

Rebecca Kuzma

Chief Operating Officer

Strengthening Stark

Stark Community Foundation

400 Market Avenue North Suite 200

Canton, OH 44702


Business: 330.454.3426
Email: rjk3832@gmail.com
Cell: 860.990.8223
Vice Chair

Vi Leggett

Vice President - Community Engagement

Aultman College

2600 Sixth Street SW

Canton, OH 44710


Business: 330.363.6183
Email: vi.leggett@aultman.com

Pam Lung

Chief Financial Officer

Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health
919 Second Street NE
Canton, Ohio 44704

Email: pamelajluing@gmail.com
Cell: 330-313-6697

Sara Stucky Sayner


Sara Stucky Sayner Architect, LLC

Belden Village Tower

4450 Belden Village Street NW #800

Canton, OH 44718

Business: 330.353.8784
Email: stuckysayner@gmail.com
Cell: 33.432.6607
Executive Board Member

Denise Seachrist, Ph.D.

Dean and Chief Administrative Officer

Kent State University at Stark

6000 Frank Road NW

North Canton, OH 44720

Business: 330.550.5924
Email: dseachri@kent.edu

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